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With Earth Day right round the corner is has us thinking about all thins sustainable and socially conscious, from fashion to food and how we live our lives. During this season we’re overloaded with the environmental impact of pretty much everything in existence and most importantly, our personal footprint on this planet.

Sometimes we vow to ourselves to shop less, skip the straw, ditch the plastic bag, eat less meat, turn off all the lights, and so on… Earth Day ends up being a sea of overwhelming what ifs and series of half-assed resolutions to ‘do our part’.                                                                                                                                                

BIA BORO womens bamboo havana brazilian thongFor decades eco-fashion has been associated with low end products, often in varying shades of beige, and it’s often said that sustainable clothing has to be fashionable first, and ethical second; women wont buy or wear clothing just because it’s good for the earth – it has to be something that draws their attention – and keeps it.That’s why we’ve made it our mission is to make colorful, vibrant clothes made from sustainable fabrics while prioritizing ethical manufacturing and production. 

With each new collection the owners of BIA BORO personally go to their factory at time of production to manage and oversee all aspects of the production process ensuring impeccable quality control and employment standards. 

BIA BORO mens junk trunk

We make feel-good products – Mother Nature Approved.

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Amanda Vanas