Can we be friends?




To eat meat, or not to eat meat; this is a debate that has been gaining momentum not only in the media, but also at home and amongst friends. The conversation on the other hand tends to be one of heated controversy as just the simple words “meat” or "vegetarian” tends to put each side on edge ready to defend their positions from personal attacks. Doing your part can be as simple as choosing to eat less meat AKA a flexitarian who practices the 'weekday vegetarian', or a 'weekend veggie warrior' routine. 

By making a simple commitment to simply eat less meat by cutting out one or two servings a day can have huge beneficial implications on not only your health, but for the planets health as well.

We recently debuted a runway show at Vancouver Fashion Week where we highlighted social issues that matter to us such as; Mental Health, Sexual Equality, Gay Rights, Freedom of Speech and Eating Less Meat.

To bring it home on social front we had a surprise guest,  Christopher The Travelling Pig chauffeured down the runway in a stroller with an underlying message for the crowd: Can we be friends? Can we as a collective eat less meat? Can we look at animals differently? 

It doesn't have to be an all or nothing statement, choice, or way of life. We welcome you to join the #MeatlessMonday revolution, or jump on the band wagon of the trending Flexitarian's – they don't deny themselves meat, or have a stigma around it, they simply decrease their intake and by doing so they improve their health by using vegetables to their full potential.

We're better together, let's improve the health of the planet, one meatless meal at a time.











April 02, 2018 — Amanda Vanas